A Daily Devotional Of The Safe Havens Christian Church by
Pastor Khenny Adedewe
Monday 21st September, 2020.
(Eternal life; the fighting force 02)
TEXTS: Heb 11;1-3, Rms 12:1-3. Gal 3;24, Rms 1:17, 1John 5:4,10-13.
Good morning
The other time we started looking at eternal life as a major content of the faith that guarantees the victory of the believer.
According to Rms 12:3,what God gave us the day we got saved was a package called faith. The faith contains our beliefs, the purpose of God for us, our rights and privileges, anointings, gifts of the spirit, assignments and functions and eternal life, among some others. This is the reason this thing called our faith is supposed to be the definer of our lives.
Let us still see the verse 3 again. It says
"For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith."
Apostle Paul here is saying that a believer is not permitted to think outside of the possibilities, hopes,miracles, victories and so on created by that faith. The faith is enough and more that enough only the that we must explore it to know what is in there.
I have told you of justification for some days, it is also one of the content of that faith. Receiving the Holy Ghost is one of the privileges also.
We have been talking about eternal life which is one of the content of the faith. I said it is the fighting force the believer possesses. It is the image and likeness of God.
If this is so, why then do believers not exhibit this power of eternal life?. It is simple, verse 3 of Rms 12 says the believer should not think of himself more highly (or even lowly) than he ought to think, but to think soberly according as God had given to every man the measure of faith. The way and manner the believer thinks of himself is the key, Every believer is supposed to be thinking of himself inside this box of faith. He should see his possibilities, victories, success within the confines of this box, faith. He is not permitted to think outside this time around. This is the reason God has put grace on us His servants to preach and teach convincing men of His power, abilities, faithfulness, love and interest in His children. All these efforts are meant to help the believer stay in the box or context of faith.
The second reason for a poor showing of eternal life is a poor relationship with the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is supposed to be the manager of eternal life and when you don't relate well with him you can't get enough of it..
We will continue from here tomorrow and till then go and have a winning day in Jesus name amen.
CONFESSION: I am saved, the life of God has been given to me. By this life I leap over walls, I fight to victory. My faith in Christ is my victory, it is enough for me to win in life. I have victory in the Lord Jesus ..
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